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Contact one of our volunteers and they will be happy to assist you.

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Adoptions: adoptions@siberescue.com

Looking for more information regarding Siberian Huskies? Interested in adopting and have some questions? Email our Adoptions Committee and one of our volunteers will be happy to assist you.

Behavior & Training: behavior@siberescue.com

Do you currently own a Siberian Husky or a Siberian Husky mix and are in need of some training advice? Please contact us and one of our skilled and experienced trainers will be happy to assist you.

Events: events@siberescue.com

Do you know of an event that you'd like to see Tails of the Tundra come out to? Please contact us as we are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to meet with the public.

Fostering: foster@siberescue.com

Have you been considering the possibility of opening up your home to a Husky and you are searching for more information on everything that is involved? Share your questions with us and we will be happy to accommodate you. There are so many wonderful Huskies, both young and old, in need of a second chance. Drop us a line if you'd like more information regarding the foster challenge.

Fundraising: fundraising@siberescue.com

Do you know of a good fundraiser that could help our dogs in need? Let us know about it, as we are always looking for new and effective ways to raise money for our husky pals.

Internet: internet@siberescue.com

Would you like to add a link or a banner to our site? Would you like us to add a link to your site? Have a question or a comment about our site? Let us know!

Publicity: publicity@siberescue.com

Do you have or know of a way to help publicize our efforts? Contact our publicity committee; they'd love to hear from you!

Surrender-Owner: ownerintake@siberescue.com

Do you own a Siberian Husky or Siberian Husky mix that needs re-homing? Maybe you have a friend or know of someone who needs a little help—we may be able to assist. Remember that there are many good dogs out there that just need a friendly hand. Don't give up too soon! Contact the rescue's trainers; we may be able to help things work out so that the dog's family can remain family.

Surrender-Shelters: shelterintake@siberescue.com

Do you work at a shelter who needs a helping paw? Our Shelter Intake Coordinator will be happy to talk with you about how Tails of the Tundra may be able to help.

Volunteering: volunteer@siberescue.com

If you are interested volunteering and want more information about our different volunteer opportunities, contact our volunteer coordinator. You'd be surprised at how many ways there are for you to help!

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PO Box 612
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